wooden watercraft

This Canadian style cedar strip canoe is made from western red cedar. All the trimmings (gunnels, yolk, seat frames and decks) are made from locally sourced Irish ash. The caning for the seats is a synthetic cane, which stands up better over time against humidity and long periods of sitting while paddle through the waters of lakes, rivers and seas. I have slightly accentuated the rocker making it well adapted to talking out on open sea waters lessening water coming in over bow and stern. 



on the water 3 b
16′ Wooden strip canoe. Materials : Western red cedar, Irish ash, fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin, varnish, stainless steel carriage bolts.

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These canoes are made to order with around six weeks for fabrication. For orders , please contact me using my email address or phone number found on the contact page of this site.

Prices start at €7200.

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