handmade wooden paddles


These handmade wooden paddles are a real pleasure to paddle with. I am presently creating and shaping two different models: The Beaver tail and The Otter tail. The Beaver tail has a wider blade. I would use this in deeper and still waters such as lakes or the sea. The Beaver tail moves a lot of water and requires a more controlled stroke in order to maintain a desired trajectory of you canoe. The Otter tail I use more frequently in rivers where quick change of direction is often required and the need to move more water is not necessary.
I use different woods to create my paddles. Featured in these photos are ash and cherry. I will sometimes integrate other woods such as walnut or sapele into the handle or blade. I treat all my paddles with a natural linseed oil finish, leaving the workshop with five coats. It is nice to maintain your paddle with a fresh coat whenever you feel. I will wipe on a fresh coat of oil after every second or third time in the water. It is said with linseed oil, “Once a day for a week, once a week for a month and once a month for a year.” Basically, the oil impregnates the wood and keeps its natural beauty while protecting it from the water.
I stamp all my paddles by heat branding my name onto them.
Pricing is €220 per paddle excepting for all walnut paddles which are €300. Delivery prices vary with quantity and location.



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